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Hey everyone!

This year has really decided to switch up how we all live with the Covid-19 pandemic shutting down the lifestyles we most likely took for granted. Since the lockdown started I've been missing being able to leave the house for day trips and travelling all over the country. Most of my free time usually would of been taken up with meeting friends for drinks and being creative. So I can deffiently say that the change has come as a mental challenge of finding new ways to stay stress free.

Even with throwing myself into different stories visiting new places through books and movies to trying to stay healthy, the lack of face to face communication has been a strain on my mental health. There just isn't anything as hanging out with those closest to you on a hot day. But time is so precious, it's never a good idea to waste it with what ifs and wishing how things didn't change. My only bit of advice to you is to find a way to enjoy every second of your time as you will never get that second back. I know, I know! Easier said than done right?

Wrong! All you need is to find ways to work towards your dreams and entertain your mind during those boring work meetings or lessons. Grab at every bit of fun live has to offer. Keep your mind busy and you will never have a dull day. Try learn a skill or make up songs and stories in your mind. Allow your mind to focus on what is in front of you without blocking out everything else. Drive is important but enjoy the journey just as much.

Let me know what you do to keep your mind healthy and your life entertaining.

Shay Who? xx

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